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A Recipe for Success

Recipe Cards

Since the beginning of Sherry's career she's been sending out recipe cards each month to her neighbors as well as past & present clients. We took to this endeavor on as a family, even before we 'officially' joined forces. Mike would print the address labels & give them to me. For $5 I would sit on my bed, cover my arms and legs in address labels and methodically label each recipe post card. Every month, from elementary through high school, Mike would print & I would address.

I chose to start with this story as an example of how we have worked together as a family since Sherry started her real estate career. Needless to say, the recipe cards have been a big hit. Our clients love them, use them & are reminded of Sherry & our team each time they get one in the mail. We have clients that have moved out of state & have called, requesting the recipe cards be sent to their new address!

The consistency of the monthly mailing helps keep us fresh in the minds of our neighbors, clients & friends. If you'd like to be on our recipe card mailing list, please contact us & let us know, we are happy to add you! Plus, it gives you a new dish to try, from appetizers, drinks, entrees to desserts, these cards will not disappoint!

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