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My Clients Become My Friends

Moving back to Madison in my thirties made the process of making new friends more challenging. One of the first clients my team sold a home to quickly became my friend. I sent her an email, asking if she wanted to grab a bite to eat at a great Madison restaurant & our friendship began. As I sold more and more homes to people, I gradually expanded our group of friends, dubbing us the 'Transplant Club' - all of us transplanting from a different city to Madison & not having a group of friends to call our own.

Our group has grown and friendships have formed between everyone, including our spouses, families & children. I decided it was time to celebrate after a busy summer by throwing a BBQ & inviting my clients so everyone could be introduced to everyone else (as I had just closed several transactions & needed to make more introductions). Not only was the BBQ a success but new friendships have formed. Of course, in true Jewish mother fashion, I made entirely too much food, bought entirely too much beer, wine & sangria, but rest assured, my friends do not leave my house hungry or thirsty!

When moving to a new city, without any family or friend support, it poses a big challenge to an individual or to a family. I take it upon myself to invite our clients (if we seem to work well together) to go out socially with my husband or my girlfriends so they can meet new people in the area. Our group of friends is diverse, ranging from a teacher, opera singer, physician, lobbyist, fashionista, wedding planner, biochemical engineer, entrepreneur, marketing executive to a stay-at-home mom. Each person brings something different and wonderful to the table, and there is always a table filled with food, wine & laughter! We welcome newcomers with open arms, remembering when not so long ago we were new to the area ourselves.

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