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A Day In The Life

Many people say that they want to become a realtor because they get to look at pretty houses, however, that's only a small part of what we do. Our day also includes marketing, negotiating, reviewing contracts, handling administrative work & most commonly of all, listening to our clients & figuring out solutions to issues that arise.

Wednesday was a pretty typical day, starting out with Sherry doing a market analysis at a future Seller's home & getting a listing agreement signed. While that was happening, Mike was at a Seller's house with a plumber making sure a bathtub was fixed. I was at the office getting an offer on one of our listing accepted by our Seller. Once Sherry returned, I began preparing the marketing for the upcoming listing. Mike returned & printed labels for our monthly recipe cards & Sherry worked on getting showings scheduled for a Buyer for the next day.

Then we broke for lunch.

After lunch I went to meet an electrician at a house with another agent, Sherry worked at the office on a market analysis for a future Seller & Mike worked on scheduling contractors to fix items from an inspection on one of our listings. After I returned, I put together the marketing packet for Sherry's 3pm listing appointment (2nd of the day) & Mike went to some land we will be listing in Cross Plains to take photos while the sun was still out. I stayed at the office scheduling & then canceling showings for a Buyer (change of mind on what she'd like to see), worked on social media postings for our Facebook & Twitter pages & typed up a buyer agency agreement for a Buyer Sherry was taking out the following day.

So while part of our job is looking at pretty houses, it's so much more. No day is the same, but there are always consistences. We are multi-taskers. We are marketers. We are contract readers. We are listeners. We are solution-finders. We are professionals. WE ARE REALTORS!

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