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An Inviting Home

In typical realtor fashion, every time I go into a friend or family member's home, I scope out the things I love & want to replicate in my own home (& maybe a few things to avoid). Making sure a home is inviting is critical for all those selling their home, but it also pertains to anyone who loves to entertain & welcome people into their homes.

Here's a few of my favorite things that I notice when I walk into an inviting home that you can do also:

1. The smell. Whether it's hot coffee, a delicious fresh candle, maybe vanilla, maybe cinnamon, maybe pumpkin spice (tis the season), make sure your home smells wonderful.

2. Blankets. The fluffier & softer, the better!

3. Something inviting to drink. Whether it's lemonade on a hot day or a hot apple cider on a cold day, I love for my guests to have something to yummy to drink.

4. The WiFi password. Enough said.

5. Clean & soft towels & sheets. Even if guests aren't staying over, people love a tour of the home, so inviting bedrooms & bathrooms are key. Beautiful, clean sheets & towels will do the trick every time.

6. Reading material. I'm a book lover, so it's easy for me to pile books on every available surface. I try restrain myself & keep the books quarantined to the office & bedside table. I also love the idea of putting a few books (coffee table & great reads) as well as magazines strategically around the house, so there's always something to keep my guests occupied.

7. Snacks. There always has to be something yummy to eat in the house. Whether it's fruit, chocolate or a cheese platter that is easily put together, good food is always appreciated.

8. Wine or Beer? Most of our guests love a good wine or craft beer, so it's a great idea to keep a small stock of either or both in the house & living in Wisconsin, we have certainly don't have a shortage of options!

9. Fresh flowers. Now, this can be expensive if done consistently, so buy small bunches more often or a large bunch & divide it up into several vases strategically placed throughout the house. Plant a garden & cut fresh stems regularly if you have the time & space.

10. A charging cable. Inevitably, someone will need to charge their phone, so keep a few around the house just in case.


Now, with all these tips to make your home inviting, don't make it too comfy or cozy or your guests may never leave!

What do you do to make your home a special & welcoming place for your guests? Feedback is always welcome & appreciated!

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