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Ruffin' It - A Madison Dog's Favorites

Anyone who has met me knows my love for all dogs & especially my love for Biscuit, my little 10 lb fluff-ball. She's a 4.5 year old Havanese (pictured above). She is my constant companion, coming almost everywhere with me. So today I want to share with all those new to Madison how many great resources we have to offer dogs & their families.

So here's my go-to list for all things doggie related that are locally owned & run:

Veterinary Care:

Sondel Veterinary Clinic - It's critical to establish your pet at with a veterinary office as soon as you move. I have known Dr. Sondel & his family for years. I trust the team at the clinic to do what is best for my pup & can recommend them wholeheartedly.


Tabby & Jack's - Biscuit gets groomed here & they offer a holistic grooming experience that doesn't terrify your pup. They also have a store, mobile grooming, doggie daycare & so much more!

Doggie Daycare:

Doggie Birthday Party @ Dogtopia

Tabby & Jacks offers daycare service, as do many other facilities.

I like Dogtopia (conveniently located for me in Middleton, WI). They temperament test all dogs & offer playrooms with full time attendants, live-streaming cameras for all doggie play areas & they separate the little ones from the big ones. All in all, I feel great about leaving Biscuit here to play for the day. They also offer boarding. As you can see, they even have birthday parties, Halloween parties & photos with Santa!

Dog Parks:

Dog Park Time

As Biscuit is a tiny little pup with a slight attitude problem, I don't often take her to dog parks. However, if your pup loves the park, here is a link to the dog parks in the area.

Pet store:

Looking to buy your pet's food locally & get a candy bar when you leave? Mounds Pet Food Warehouse is locally owned with a large selection of everything you'd need for your sidekick. (Plus, they give you a Mounds candy bar when you leave!)

I hope this lists helps you pet-lovers out there! If you have any suggestions for me, please do share! I'd love to learn about new places in Madison to bring my little Bisky!

After all, the dog runs the house, we just pay the mortgage!

Biscuit was at our wedding!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. The opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own. Please do your research to find a facility that meets your family's needs.

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