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We Thank You

In the spirit of Thanksgiving & the holiday season, we have much to be thankful for. We have a thriving business that we work hard to sustain. We have clients who refer us to family & friends. We have an office at First Weber in Middleton full of colleagues who make coming to work easier & more enjoyable. We are very appreciative for all that we have.

In the spirit of giving, we are always available to offer & accept help from our colleagues, both in our office & outside of it. There have been many times that we have been able to put a transaction together because both sides of the table were willing to help each other out. In that line of thinking, we don't look at the agent on the other side of the deal as an adversary, we look at them as our partner. A person (or team) of people that will help get the

transaction closed with as few issues as possible. We are especially appreciative of those agents that we work with that help us move things forward. Whether it's willingness to help get quotes for inspection items that need to be addressed or finding a new lender that can complete the deal when the current one can't. It's so important to be willing to help, to accept help & to appreciate each person throughout the process. It's not always easy to do, but it's always important.

Throughout this blog, I have have begun to appreciate my career in real estate even more. What I have realized is that my parents, Sherry & Mike, are so knowledgeable in this field that I have taken their expertise for granted. I know that if I have a question, they will always, without fail help me get an answer. I see each day how fortunate I am to have them as my mentors.

Real estate is a relatively easy business to get into, but a hard one to succeed at & I see that each day as I get to know agents that are newer to the field. An office environment that is full of people that want to help each other (without expecting a payment for answering a question) is apparently pretty rare. I've been lucky enough to grow up with these agents & now work with them on a day-to-day basis. We have a management team that supports, but does not micro-manage each individual & we have a team of seasoned professionals that can offer guidance without hesitation or disdain towards the person asking.

This blog post is a big thank you to everyone who helps us do our job from the agents in our office to our management team, our administrators, lenders, inspectors, title company, home warranty company & everyone else who helps us succeed in this challenging yet rewarding field.

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