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Our Favorite Things

Often we get asked what are the tools we use to stay organized, market listings, create marketing materials & so much more, so today, I've decided to share with out OUR FAVORITE THINGS - THE OFFICE VERSION!

Our Favorite Things

Camera - whatever camera you choose to use, make sure you capture your listings in their best light. We've had great success with Canon cameras & wide angel lenses.

Folders - print all important information on the front of your folders to keep organized. You can take a blank folder & run it through the copy machine to easily print on the folders.

iPhones - whatever technology you choose to use - use it! There are so many ways to stay connected & stay organized. Our team loves our iPhones!

Pixel Eyewear - For those of you who stare at a computer screen all day long, as I expect many of us do, I swear by these glasses. They help help prevent eye strain & headaches from long hours at the computer.

Buffer - Share you social media posts easily (subscription service recommended)

Wix - Easily create a website (like this one!) (Free & paid options available)

Mailchimp - Easily send marketing campaigns to your whole sphere of influence. (Free & paid options available)

Dropbox - Share information with team members easily. (Free & paid options available)

Canva - Create amazing marketing materials easily! (Free & paid options available)

Kiehls - we live in Wisconsin - it's extremely cold & dry in the winter. Never leave home without this hand lotion!

Coffee - My favorite blend is mostly coffee with a little hot chocolate mixed in. It's necessary.

There you have it - these are our go-to's on a daily basis! We hope you've been introduced to something new through this blog. I'd love to hear about your favorite things! What helps you get through the day?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement for any of the products or services we mention.

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