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The following post is from a client of ours, Amy Fulford's blog THE APPRECIATOR

Come with me on a day trip to New Glarus, Wisconsin!

We moved to Madison, Wisconsin in May of 2017 from Dallas, Texas and I have to say I love living in Wisconsin. I loved Dallas too and one isn't better than the other - just very different.

First, we found a great place to live. I think ROF and I say daily to each other "I LOVE OUR PLACE!" It's a condo inside a subdivision with rolling hills and while close to everything - still feel like we are in the country (a little!) One of the best things about our place was our real estate agents - the Lessing Team! Being a new build, it wasn't the simplest of things to navigate and while I'm a believer in the "do-it-yourself on-line" mentality - buying this was not something we could have ever done it alone. Better yet, Amy Lessing has become a great friend and certainly made the transition to Madison smooth. In fact, ROF and I both use her hairdresser, have met a ton of new people via her summer party and favorite things party, use her recommended dog boarding and daycare place.

Today I want you to come with me to New Glarus. Not only is it the home of the famous SPOTTED COW brewery but it is America's Little Switzerland and is modeled after Glarus, Switzerland (hence, NEW Glarus.) However, New Glarus is SO DECEIVING!

Why do I say deceiving, you ask? Because in and among the historic buildings which are over 150 years old, is some of the best food I've ever had. Friends of ours actually just got back from Switzerland and said that actually, the food in New Glarus was BETTER.

So did I tempt you enough to take a scenic drive to New Glarus?

Here's where you should go:

First, take the scenic route which looks like this:

You must eat at Cow & Quince. This is our favorite restaurant possibly in the entire Madison area.

The food is amazing! Full disclosure - we've only been there for breakfast. To give you an example of their locally-sourced menu, check out my favorite breakfast sandwich:

Breakfast Sammie*

Fox Heritage Farm bacon, sweet chili cream cheese, arugula, Edelweiss grass-fed Gouda, aioli, 1 egg, MSCo country sourdough bread, choice of side add pickled jalapeños $0.50

but i've heard throught the grapevine that their savory french toast is not-to-be-missed:

Savory French Toast*

Thick cut MSCo brioche, gouda, apple-onion jam, Lacinato kale, Door County cherries, pork belly, sunny side duck egg, maple roasted garlic vinaigrette

They also have fun pizza nights and guest chefs. Cow & Quince also has plenty of options for my vegan friends. Check out their menu here.

Check out their website for a brief video and full menu!

Another outstanding place to eat is at Glarner Stube.

This place is the shizzle. I'm not joking. Sunday nights is a special night with a Swiss flank steak specialty (can't remember the name!) and there is typically ALWAYS a wait to get into this tiny restaurant with a big bar. The service is so friendly and if you have to wait at the bar and sip on water (read: brandy old-fashioned sweet) and wait a bit, there are worse things you could be doing.

the cheese fondue is to die for! If you and your S.O. get just this - you'll be good! Typically, cheese fondue, to me, is kind of flat. This has multi-dimensional flavors going on and is not super heavy like it will just re-form in your stomach. The rest of the food here is fantastic. Being from Dallas and a foodie - I found myself scratching my head several times in New Glarus thinking - I don't think I've had better food! PS. The rosti potatoes are epic! One order for a table of eight works!

One more place to eat. So yesterday, we took some friends of ours to Cow & Quince for breakfast and they were closed for a winter retreat. Snap! But lo and behold, we found another incredibly cute and delicious breakfast place: Fat Cat Coffee Works!

this place was so cute! In a little house with casual order at the counter, pick any place to sit was really quaint. We sat at the beautiful oak bar and watched the cook make our breakfast. I had a yummy fig, goat cheese, and bacon quiche. My maple spice latte was delicious! This is a great place for breakfast or lunch.

On this unseasonably warm day, it was fun to walk across the street after breakfast to a 118 year old tavern called Puempel's Tavern. Complete with a bloody mary bar and big windows letting the sun stream in, it was a perfect place for us to play a friendly game of Euchre. Which, I have to say, if you're not into cards, you're missing out! There is nothing more fun to pass the time and indulge in some healthy competition than a good mid-morning game of Euchre. We had so much fun! And we even lost at cards.

In addition to all this food, New Glarus has some adorable shops including a couple of fantastic specialty food stores like butcher and cheese stores. The New Glarus Hotel boasts authentic Swiss food and polka dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. You're not in Madison anymore!

May I suggest you and your S.O., handful of girlfriends or even escape on your own on the beautiful drive to New Glarus, Wisconsin for fab food, great shopping and even a tour of the world-famous (or Wisconsin famous...) Spotted Cow brewery. Have fun!

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