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Timeless Tips for Your Home Build

Do you already own the perfect piece of property? Have construction plans in the works? Maybe you’ve only imagined building a custom home. Wherever you are in the process, constructing a new house may seem overwhelming… but with Wisconsin Bank & Trust by your side, it doesn’t have to be! With us, you can expect valuable construction loan advice, competitive options, and a smooth process for your home project.

Today, I’m here to share a few simple building tips that have stood the test of time.

Hire Local

Local designers, builders, real estate agents, and lenders often take a more customized and caring approach. Why? Many rely solely on client referrals to grow their business! Professionals who both live and work in your community are invested in it, and will take the time to meet, answer questions, and gain your trust. You want an experienced team that knows you, knows your community, and often has helped others right in your own neighborhood become happy homeowners.

Consider The Future

Growing your family (whether with kids or pets), hosting large gatherings, buying that dream convertible, or opening your home to parents or in-laws needing assistance may not be top of mind now, but why not consider these as future possibilities? You get to customize your layout with a home build, so think about crafting a design plan to accommodate life down the road, and someday you’ll be happy you did!

Keep It Timeless

Trends come and go. Select finishes that will both match your style and stay relevant through changing fads. Consider choosing neutral countertops, a functional floorplan, simple floor tile, subtle wood patterns, and classic exterior details. You can still be adventurous with wild colors, loud patterns, and quirky shapes, but save these for the accent pieces that can be switched out over time: paint colors, furniture, rugs, and pillows.

Whether you’re ready to build now or next year, we’re here to help with superior service and a customized construction loan. Email, call, or text today to start the conversation. Tips like these are always included, free of charge!

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