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Remembering Mike Lessing

Mike & Biscuit

Many of you have known my dad, Mike Lessing, as your Go-To-Guy. He was the person everyone in our office, our family & even our friends went to if they ever needed anything. He was always willing to help. This was true in both his personal and professional life. From hanging artwork, to going with a friend and her injured dog to the emergency vet, to giving rides to the airport, to answering anyone's questions about anything, my dad was always there.

He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, where he met my mom Sherry. After moving around while I was young, we settled down in Madison, WI in 1988. My dad's job brought us to Madison, my mom's career gave us a reason to stay. My dad was the type of person to let others shine around him, while he quietly sat in the background. While he may not have been in the spotlight, he was immensely proud of my mom and the real estate empire that they had built.

We lost my dad on May 9, 2018 to cancer and every single day my mom & I think of him and know that he is with us. He was the type of person always willing to help another, regardless of the cost to him.

So if you are reading this blog, if you knew my dad or if you didn't, here is what I'd like you to remember: He loved his family, his friends & co-workers. He was generous. He was proud. He was kind. He was always willing to help. He was the best husband and father there was. He was simply wonderful. His was loved. He is missed.

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