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Selling In Winter


The season has changed and if you live in Wisconsin, it's feels more like winter than fall. We're now in the in-between time of 'it's not yet Thanksgiving & Christmas, but the holiday season has begun'. So what does that mean for those trying to or thinking of selling their home?

SELLERS with homes currently listed on the market:

As an agent that works with a lot of sellers, if your home has been on the market for a while & you aren't seeing offers coming in, it's time to re-evaluate the following things:

Seller Disclosure Report

Are there items on the Seller Disclosure Report that can be repaired or replaced to take away any possible objections a Buyer may have? If so, call the handyman, the plumber, the electrician and get those items taken care of & amend that property disclosure report. Remember, your realtor is your resource, use their connections to get the names of reputable contractors to get the work done and get it done right, the first time.

Staging, Painting & Decor

Has there been feedback on the staging, decorating or paint colors? If anything can be changed, tackle it now. Remember, neutral colors, neutral decor & simple staging is always the right answer when trying to make your home appeal to the masses. So hit the paint store, start the purge or put your items into storage so your home looks open, airy and decluttered. Again, contact your agent for suggestions on what to do to make your home appeal to the masses!


Price. You knew this one was coming & I knew this one was coming. Have your real estate agent complete another market analysis and see where your home lands. Are you priced accurately for the market today? If not, make an adjustment. Even a small one can catch a Buyer's eye.

Keep it on or take it off?

Some Sellers that have had their home listed on the market may decide to take it off the market and rest it for a short period of time & re-list it. There's both positives and negatives when doing this and this is going to be a personal decision for you as a Seller. We ask you, 'What's best for you & your family?' Selling a home is an emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting process, so if you need some downtime, off the market, we get it. We will support you in helping your get your home sold. If you have the stamina to keep it on through the holiday season, then great, because there are occasionally Buyers looking during that time frame.

If you decide to take it off the market, we want to stay in touch with you until you're ready to go back on. We urge you to use this time to get the above list tackled and we want to work with you through the process.

SELLERS who want to sell but aren't sure when to put the house on the market:

We always have a group of clients who are working through their To-Do list, preparing their home to hit the market and now it's the holiday season.

What should they do?

Wait until the holidays have passed & then put it on. It gives you a less stressful holiday season & the time to prep your house for the upcoming sale OR put it on now and work through the holiday season to sell it.

Which is the better option?

If you need to sell, then you need to sell and there's not point in waiting. If you have a more open-ended situation, then wait and put the house on the market after the holidays. However, hit the market early so you are one of the few homes on the market and not one of the many.

Whether you have a plan, have no plan or need help with a plan, we are here to help. Contact us directly to discuss your options, your timeframe & your actual needs. We'll put a strategy plan into place and work through it together!

Sherry Lessing - - 608-212-1555

Amy Lessing - - 314-488-3216

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